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DISORDER rubber bracelet

500 SEK

From the OPAQUE collection, DISORDER is a thicker rubber bracelet of straps of different lengths. Its natural elasticity serves as an organic cuff around the wrist regardless of size. As the item is handmade size of bracelet may vary.

Material: Rubber, waxed thread.
Approximate size: 10 cm x 6 cm
Weight:  approx. 100 - 140 g (bracelets are handmade. Weight may vary)
Place of production: Sweden
Colour: Dark grey

OPAQUE is a small collection of rubber jewellery inspired by the use of raw material, allowing the characteristics of the rubber to maintain its natural shape. 

SAINA KOOHNAVARD is a womenswear and jewellery label based in Borås, Sweden. The label celebrates playfulness in material and cuts as well as the examination of their traditional use.