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LOOP rubber necklace

500 SEK

From the OPAQUE collection, LOOP is a shorter necklace with circular straps of rubber. It rests right over the collarbone and down. As the item is handmade sizes may vary.

Material: Rubber, waxed thread.
Place of production: Sweden
Colour: Dark grey
Necklace circumference: 47 cm 
Necklace approximate weight: 230g (all necklaces are handmade. Weight might vary)
Necklace height from inner shoulder and down: 21 cm 

OPAQUE is a small collection of rubber jewellery inspired by the use of raw material, allowing the characteristics of the rubber to maintain its natural shape.

SAINA KOOHNAVARD is a womenswear and jewellery label based in Borås, Sweden. The label celebrates playfulness in material and cuts as well as the examination of their traditional use.